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Delaware Management Services is an operating division of Gunnip & Company LLP, a traditional, full-service accounting firm located in Wilmington, Delaware. Delaware Management Services has been providing a variety of family office services, none of which deal with the investment advisory or actual investing of assets collectively owned by family office entities. We instead focus on client relationship, general management, accounting and tax preparation services related to family office needs. Delaware Management Services also provides services for Special Purpose Entities and/or Passive Investment Companies.


Donald J. Bromley, Partner responsible for Gunnip & Company Tax Department and Delaware Management Services (Special Purpose Entity Group).

The following are examples of what Delaware Management Services provides.
This list is not fully inclusive.

Client Relationship/ General Management

Compiling information from investment advisors.

Coordination of meetings.

Coordination of travel arrangements.

Serve as officers and/ or directors of entities.

Coordination of bill paying and/or payroll.

Coordination of meetings with investment advisors.

Provide accounting and/or tax preparation services.

Household management services.


Checkbook management.

Bill pay.

Account reconciliation.

General accounting.

Wash sale calculations.

Ownership tax basis calculation and analysis.

Preparation of unaudited financial statements.

Dividend/distribution projection management.


Preparation of local and/or federal tax returns.

Gift tax returns.

Redemption impact analysis.

Ownership attribution analysis and management.

Special Purpose Entities/ Passive Investment Companies

Serve as directors and/or officers.

Coordination and management of board/stockholder meetings.

Office space rental.

Telephone services.

Payroll services.

General accounting services.

Treasury services.

Bill Pay services.

Tax preparation services.

Record maintenance.

Mail collection/forwarding.

Delaware Management Services
Little Falls Centre II
2751 Centerville Road, Suite 310
Wilmington, DE 19808